Oil company business plan

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Oil company business plan

Or you need a sample lubricant business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. In the time past especially in the roman era, one of the most commonly used form of lubrication was the water.

oil company business plan

Water was used to minimize the wear and tear, heat as well as friction between mechanical parts. However, fast forward today and you would have realized that times indeed have changed. There has been the innovation of the lube oil or the lubrication oil.

There are various reasons that are applicable to using the lubrication oil and it must be worthy to note that there are two basic categories of the lubrication oil. There are the mineral and synthetic types. Just what is the difference you might wonder? Simply put, the mineral oils are refined and gotten from the natural petroleum, whilst the synthetic are produced from polyalphaolefins, and these are hydrocarbon based pologlycols or ester oils.

There has also been an increase in the lubrication oil production sector as it is one business you can readily go into with the hope of making great profit. The various needs of lube oils in homes, organizations, factories and industries just cannot be overemphasized because the populations of people who have a mechanical need for this oil have continued to increase over the years.

This article sure would serve as an eye opener, if peradventure you have got plans to dabble into the production of lubrication oils. So, follow these steps below and you might be on your way to starting your own factory where lubrication oils are manufactured.

Read and Learn This oil company business plan the very first step that you must take as a newbie in this industry. This simply put; means that you must be ready and all out to undertake an exhaustive market survey.

What does this entail you may think? This means that you would need to browse the internet to read up all that needs to be read about the production of lube oils. Doing this would only mean that you are able to garner full information on what the production of lubrication oils entail, how you may go about it, the various companies already in the business, as well as other very expedient information that you must not leave behind.

You may also consider getting books on this trade. Get Trained Your next port of call after garnering the theoretical knowledge on how to possibly go about the setting up of your lubrication oil production company would be getting trained. This next vital step for you to take entails that you garner the practical and first hand training on how the production process is done.

You may want to consider enrolling in a technical school where you can get trained on the processes. Also, one other way to readily pull this off would be by getting a degree in any of the science courses like the chemical engineering, chemistry and what have you.

However, if time might not be on your side, one other thing that could be done is by you sitting under the tutelage of an expert who would put you through the process of production.

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However, you must know that this might have to come with a fee. Your next bet would be to determine if you would want to deal in the mineral or synthetic type of lubrication oil.

Although there may be an avalanche of lube oils to settle for, nonetheless it is worthy to note that Mineral oil is the most commonly applied ones. This is because they are inexpensive and they can be produced in a wide range of viscosities.

oil company business plan

Therefore, after you might have determined and mastered the type to launch out with then other things may follow. Draw up a Business Plan Now that things are looking up, it would only be a wise decision for you to create a business plan.

The need to fly and launch out with a business plan cannot be over flogged as you are able to avoid some major business pitfalls that might set your hands back if you do not follow a set down guideline. So, in your business plan, be sure to have your goals, your vision, your short term and long term projections spelt out, as well as the financial calculations you may be projecting.

As a newbie this might first sound foreign to you, but you may consider outsourcing this to an expert who would be able to help you do a thorough job. The fee you would need to settle the consultant with may vary from location to location. Get Your Business Documented Now that your plans are looking up, the next step to take would be to get a suitable business name for your production company.

This means that you would have to come up with about five possible names to start with and thereafter narrow down to two best. If this might be a little difficult for you to come up with, you may consider asking friends or family members to suggest possible names.This business plan is for an oil fields services provider used to provide the bank to help finance the acquisition as assets critical to completing contracts and the cash flow required to begin them.

This sample tutoring company needed a business strategy to enter the highly saturated tutor market on a commercial scale. It sought to expand. Oil and gas production is serious business, so you need to invest lots of money, time, and effort to succeed in the long term.

This article explains some basic concepts in the oil and gas industry as well the steps involved in starting an oil and gas company. A PowerPoint presentation created for an oil & gas company by Wanda Halpert for Concord Business Plans. kaja-net.com Sample Business Plan PowerPoint - Oil & .

Do you want to start an oil and gas company from scratch? Or you need a sample oil and gas business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. Free Oil Company Business Plan For Raising Capital from Investors, Banks, or Grant Companies!

Please note that the financials in this complete free business plan are completely fictitious and may not match the text of the business plan below. The Ontario Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Trust (Trust) Business Plan was prepared to fulfill the mandate of the “Trust Agreement” between the Province of Ontario and the Ontario Oil, Gas and.

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