Food connection by david suzukis separation

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Food connection by david suzukis separation

A memorial at the Choeung Ek mass-grave site in Cambodia is composed of victims' skulls. Later, Theary Seng, her mother and siblings ended up in a prison in southeast Cambodia. One day, Theary Seng awoke to an empty cell — the prison population had been massacred overnight.

In a rare act of mercy, the Khmer Rouge soldiers allowed the handful of children to survive. Theary Seng eventually escaped to a Thai refugee camp and then to the U.

Food connection by david suzukis separation

Her story is by no means unique in Cambodia. In just this one prison in Svay Rieng province, between 20, and 30, people were executed, and during the Pol Pot era, about 1. Still traumatized by those years and subsequent decades of political instability, many Cambodians had hoped that the U.

In NovemberTheary Seng, now a human-rights lawyer in Phnom Penh, applied to become the first civil party at the Khmer Rouge tribunal — whereby she and other Khmer Rouge victims are participating in the criminal proceedings with their own set of lawyers.

Prosecutors sought a year jail sentence for Kaing Guek Eav, known as Duch, pronounced Doik who ran the notorious S prison, a Phnom Penh high school transformed into an interrogation center where Duch is accused of overseeing the grisly deaths of approximately 15, people.

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Over the last six months of hearings, the court heard accounts of interrogators who ripped off toenails, suffocated prisoners with plastic bags, forced people to eat feces, electrocuted prisoners and drained blood to extract confessions. During the trial, Duch, 67, said that Cambodians should hold him to the "highest level of punishment.

See pictures chronicling the rise and fall of the Khmer Rouge. Such has been the topsy-turvy nature of the tribunal.

Food connection by david suzukis separation

Indeed, just getting to the end of the first case was an ordeal. There have been allegations of a kickback scheme where Cambodian employees at the tribunal are forced to pay back a part of their salaries to the government officials who gave them their jobs.

On two different occasions, only last-minute donations from Japan allowed the Cambodian side of the court to pay its staff. Then, in a fiasco dubbed Waterlilygate, one of the international lawyers said documents found in a moat filled with lilies had been stolen from his office.

And last week the New York—based Open Society Justice Initiative, an international law monitor, accused the Cambodian government of meddling with the tribunal, claiming "political interference at the ECCC poses a serious challenge to both the credibility of the court and its ability to meet international fair trial standards.

She says that though most Cambodians assume there is some degree of corruption at the tribunal, "we are not to the point where it should shut down. About 28, people attended Duch's trial at the ECCC on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, and millions more Cambodians followed the tribunal on television and the radio.

Youk Chhang, the director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, says that the fact that the tribunal was held in Cambodia was key to sparking interest in the trial and knowledge about the period.

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Now, with the distribution of a new textbook on the Khmer Rouge coinciding with the trial, Youk Chhang says "the whole country is aware. A counselor sits next to every survivor who testifies — at one point during the Duch trial, a judge even ordered a witness to see a psychiatrist, according to Sotheara Chhim, a Cambodian psychiatrist and director of the Transcultural Psychosocial Organization TPO.

Though information about mental health is still limited in rural Cambodia, "the trial brought out a lot," Sotheara says. Now comes the waiting. A verdict for Duch isn't expected until March. For Theary Seng, the Duch case "is sort of a test trial" for the more important Case Two when four high-ranking Khmer Rouge leaders will be in the dock: They are expected to face the tribunal in in a case that could last years.

Case Two, says Theary Seng, will make Duch's case look like "a cakewalk. Time is also running out. With the youngest defendant aged 77, some or all of the defendants may not live long enough to face the tribunal. If the past year is any indication, the tribunal will face many more hurdles, but Theary Seng says it has benefited Cambodia.Nov 21,  · SYDNEY — Harleys, Hondas, Suzukis, Yamahas, Kawasakis, Orange County Choppers — just to name a few.

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